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The Pitstop Challenge is an activation which allows you to take part in your very own static Pitstop.


See if you and your team can get the quickest tyre change and jump to the top of the leader board.

In your team of three, step up to the car and choose what position you want to take:


Position 1: Tyre Gun – Find a comfortable kneeling position, in front of the car wheel and hold the gun with two hands. On the sound of the klaxon, ensure the gun is securely on the wheel nut before pressing the lever to remove the wheel nut. Wait for your teammates to remove the original tyre and replace this with a new tyre. Tighten the wheel nut again and raise your hand once finished.


Position 2: Fixed tyre – Find a comfortable position, with knees slightly bent, two hands with a firm grip on the original tyre. Once your teammate has removed the wheel nut, safely remove tyre from the axle and place it down on the floor and be ready to assist you teammate in holding the new tyre in place while the wheel is secured in place with the wheel nut.


Position 3: New tyre – Find a comfortable position, with knees slightly bent, two hands with a firm grip on the replacement tyre. Once your teammates have removed the wheel nut and the fixed tyre, place the new tyre onto the axle. Hold in place until your teammate has tightened the wheel nut back on and the tyre has been secured in position.


Make sure any loose items of clothing or jewellery are either removed or tucked in and that long hair is tied back. For you own safety, PPE will be provided and must be worn by all participants which includes, safety glasses and gloves, with optional ear defenders should you wish. 


Listen to your instructor who will provide you with a safety briefing and instructions on how to use the pit equipment, including techniques on how to perform the pitstop efficiently. 


Following a practice session to work on your technique as a team, get ready in your positions to compete against the clock and the other teams taking part in a knock competition, until the fastest team remains and is crowned the winner.